September 2007 to June 2008

Heartbeat is very proud of the excellent dance education it offers to its students and we take to heart and hold dear the compliments that we receive about the caliber of our dancers.  Our dancers are what Heartbeat is all about and many times in the past they have referred students to our beautiful school.  This year we want to recognize the promotional efforts of our students by implementing our first-ever student referral program.

Any student who enrolls in Heartbeat’s school-year session that runs September 2007 to June 2008 is eligible for Heartbeat’s student referral program and is then considered part of Heartbeat’s “current student” base.  A referral card must be completed in full and presented at Heartbeat’s front desk in order to obtain the credit and it will be kept on file.  Referral cards are available at the front counter or can be printed from our website: www.heartbeat-studios.com

A “referred student” is a person who has never taken classes at Heartbeat or is a former student who did not attend classes at Heartbeat from September 2006 to June 2007. 

For each referred student that a current student refers to Heartbeat, the current student will receive 50% off one month’s tuition starting with June 2008 and working backwards.  For instance, if a current student refers three students, the current student would receive free tuition for June and one half of May, 2008.

Student Referral Program Rules

  1. The number of referred students that can be referred by a current student is unlimited for the school-year session that runs September 2007 to June 2008, however tuition credit will not extend beyond the 2007/2008 school-year session. 
  1. Current students cannot refer an immediate family or household member. 
  1. Both the current student and the referred student(s) must remain enrolled in their classes at Heartbeat through the school-year session’s end in June, 2008. If either the current student or the referred students drop out of classes at Heartbeat before June 2008, the tuition credit is cancelled and tuition money may be due back to Heartbeat depending on the date of the drop out. For example, if a current student refers six students to Heartbeat, he/she would receive free tuition for April, May and June.  If the current student or one or more of the referred students drops out of classes in mid-May, the current student would owe Heartbeat his/her pro-rated tuition credit that was given for April and one-half of May. Heartbeat’s 30-day written drop out notice policy would still apply.   
  1. The referral program tuition credit is given to a current student on a per person basis, not on his/her entire family’s monthly tuition if multiple family members attend classes at Heartbeat.  The family can decide which family member receives the tuition credit.
  1. Only one current student may claim tuition credit for any one particular referred student. 
  1. Referral tuition credit cannot be converted into cash, check, merchandise, ticket purchase, costume payment, credit card credit or any other non-tuition related expense.    
  1. The tuition referral program is independent of any other discount program offered at Heartbeat.