COVID-19 Heartbeat’s Class Plan of Action


 The safety of Heartbeat’s students, teachers and others entering the building are of utmost importance to us. We want to provide an optimal learning environment in the performing arts for our students that includes as clean an environment as possible when we begin to transition from virtual to onsite classes. We want to maintain your trust therefore this plan is in place because we care about Heartbeat’s families.

 To lessen building visitor exposure, we have established the following plan, that has been reviewed by several individuals including professionals at OSHA, MN Dept. of Health and in the medical field. The plan will be implemented only when classes can transition from virtual to onsite. This plan will remain fluid to be able to adjust to changing circumstances and advice from the CDC/STATE/FED. Please note that part of the plan is temporary while the other is permanent. 

 Heartbeat is giving its best effort to create a safe environment for its students. Heartbeat’s “Class Plan of Action: Heartbeat Moving Forward,” does not express any guarantee, promise, assurance or represent 100% effectiveness. It is meant to augment the guidelines set forth by the CDC/STATE/FED and can only be as effective as their guidelines and the public’s willingness to follow them.


 (Procedures in this section are temporary and will ease as CDC/STATE/FED restrictions ease.)

 Personal Protective Items: During the first two weeks of the start of onsite classes, all teachers, students and parents in the building MUST wear a face mask regardless of the amount of time spent inside. After the first two weeks of onsite classes, unless otherwise recommended by the CDC/STATE/FED, it will be the discretion of each teacher, student or parent whether to continue to wear a face mask while in class or in Heartbeat’s building. These items can be worn in Heartbeat as often as desired for personal comfort level, but must be supplied by the individual. 

 Social Distancing and Class Size Reduction: All students, teachers and visitors to the building must maintain at least 6-feet distance between each other. Heartbeat will reduce the number of students per class to 10 by adding additional class times or implement a rotating system for larger classes where on alternating weeks, half of the students in a particular class study onsite in Heartbeat, while the other half home-study online at the same time by live-interactive, real-time ZOOM.

 As the CDC/STATE/FED increase the allowable maximum number of people gathered in one space, Heartbeat’s maximum number will increase accordingly to a point where the rotating system is no longer needed for class sizes larger than 10 students. By request, Heartbeat will broadcast a specific class via ZOOM for students who wish to study at home a little longer until they are more comfortable taking onsite classes. 

Choreography: Adapt choreography to allow 6 feet of distance between students and follow a “no touch” rule, such as partner lifting, until it is deemed safe to do so. 

Observation: Until CDC/STATE/FED relaxes restrictions in group sizes, for instance in our lobbies, no class observation will be allowed by family members or friends. The person providing transportation for a student will need to drop off and pick up their child, or wait in the parking lot. Street parking is also available. For safe social distancing, lobbies cannot be crowded by observers because students will need the space to spread out if they have breaks between classes. The only exception to this rule would be for Munchkin classes (3 to 4-year-olds). Munchkin classes would be limited to 4 students, allowing only one parent per child in the building to be present in the event his/her child needs to use the restroom or may have separation anxiety if a parent is not visible. Parents of the Munchkins be will allowed to observe from inside the classroom, keeping the number of occupants in the room to 10. (4 students, 4 parents, 1 teacher, 1 assistant). Parent/Child duo will exit the building one at a time. Parents observing Munchkin classes will need be seated at least six-feet apart. Because of the Munchkin smaller class size, Heartbeat will add classes if necessary, to accommodate this age group.

Student Drop-off & Pick-up: It is imperative that parents, or other drivers of students, either wait in their cars during class time, or return promptly by pick up time. When Child level classes (5 to 7-yearolds) are done, they will remain in the class room, safe distances apart, while parents enter the building one at a time to get their child. It is recommended that parents or drivers of Child level students wait in the parking lot in the event they are needed by their child before the class is done. To avoid crowding in the lobby, students old enough to exit the building on their own (Youth, Junior and Senior levels) will exit one-at-a-time safe distances apart. 


(Procedures in this section are permanent.)

Student/Teacher Sanitizing Practices: All students and teachers will continue to wash their hands for 20 seconds with soap and water before each class and/or use the provided hand sanitizer. Students and teachers going barefoot in any class must also wash their feet or use the sanitizing wipes provided. Students and teachers wearing ballet, pointe, jazz or tap shoes must NEVER wear these shoes outside and use the sanitizing wipes provided to clean their shoe bottoms before entering a classroom. Students and teachers wearing tennis shoes MUST wear a pair that are only worn in the studio and NEVER outside. Tennis shoes must also have bottoms sanitize-wiped before entering a classroom. It is advised that all students carry a packet of sanitizing wipes in their dance bags.

Continue Established Building Cleaning Practices: As in the past, Heartbeat will continue to sanitize all door handles, light switches, counter tops, audio equipment, floors, microwave, refrigerator, restrooms and other pertinent surfaces. The frequency of this cleaning however will increase. Heartbeat will also increase the frequency of hot steam cleaning and sanitizing of carpets. Adding to our sanitizing efforts, Heartbeat has purchased a sanitizing, anti-viral wood floor cleaning product and washable mop-heads. Heartbeat will also have non-toxic sanitizing fogging done in the building in a frequency recommended by the service provider. Weather permitting, Heartbeat will prop open front and back doors during classes to allow fresh air flow throughout the building. 

Minimizing Exposure: To minimize the number and frequency of door handles students must touch, Heartbeat’s women’s restroom door will be propped open a couple of inches, enabling opening using an elbow. Weather permitting, Heartbeat’s front door will also be kept open for the same reason. Students, teachers and parents in the building are reminded to use a finger knuckle when operating light switches. It is advised that parents of younger students have their child visit the restroom at home prior to coming to Heartbeat. This will help minimize the child’s restroom visits in the studio resulting in fewer handles/switches to touch. 

Staying Well: Students who are sick, or have a family member sick, are asked to stay home. For those students, Heartbeat offers the option to instead take their classes via ZOOM or pre-recorded video on our website, allowing them to keep up with new choreography and technique training until they are able to return to onsite classes. Heartbeat’s virtual option is also good for students who miss class due to vacations or other special events, or who simply want it as a tool for practicing. 

We ask that until further notice, all teachers, students and parents take their temperature at home before heading to Heartbeat. If your temperature is higher than 99.5F, you have a fever and must stay home. Heartbeat does have a Protekt – Pro-Temp Infrared Non-Contact Thermometer on its premises for students, teachers and building visitors who forgot to take their temperature before coming to Heartbeat. 


Heartbeat will continue to follow safety guidelines established by the CDC/STATE/FED and encourage students and teachers to practice them as well. As these guidelines change, Heartbeat’s plan will change accordingly. According to the current CDC/STATE/FED guidelines, if a person has any of the following symptoms, he/she must stay at home: Cough, shortness of breath, headache, fever, muscle ache, sore throat, repeated shaking with chills, or loss of taste or smell. 


Initially, when classes can transition to Heartbeat and weather permits, our Youth, Junior and Senior level classes could be held outdoors in Heartbeat’s parking lots and lawn. This has been done in the past just for fun and the students love it! Necessary class equipment can be adapted, such as moving the four portable 10-foot ballet barres outside. Any class held outdoors will require that the students wear their “outdoor” tennis shoes. Dancing, acting or singing in fresh air…what a concept!