Annual Productions

Four musical theater productions are presented each year along with two choir concerts and a self-produced show by Heartbeat’s Academy Program students.

To complement its line-up of past musical theater productions since 1998, Heartbeat received the rare honor of being granted permission to produce its adaptation of, “Star Wars,” courtesy of Lucas Films (2010), “Lord of the Rings: Fellowship of the Ring,” courtesy of Middle-earth Enterprises (2014), and “Dr. Who,” courtesy of the BBC-UK (2015).

Three musicals are produced during Heartbeat’s September-June session and one musical at the end of its summer session. The musicals become more elaborate as the year progresses along with the students’ skill development.

Summer Production

Heartbeat’s summer children’s musical is presented by its younger dancers, actors and singers and is performed in an intimate venue.

Winter Production

Heartbeat’s winter musical is presented by its entire student base at a local theater. This show doubles as Heartbeat’s exciting annual anniversary celebration.

Spring Productions

Heartbeat produces two musicals simultaneously in June at a local theater including stunning costumes, backdrops and set design. This performance weekend features a matinee for its younger students and a different evening musical for its teen and adult students.

Choir Productions

Four levels of choirs at Heartbeat present a winter and spring concert each year.

Academy Production

Heartbeat’s junior and senior academy students present their self-produced show each spring featuring their original work in dance, singing, acting and playwriting.

Heartbeat is sensitive to using only age-appropriate music, scripts, costuming and choreography and instead let the artistry of the dancer, actor or singer be the focal point.

Past Musical Theater Productions

Dr. Who
Dr. Who
Lord of the Rings
Star Wars
Hearing Mother Earth
Into the Snow
20th Anniversary Show
Reluctant Dragon
Lord of the Rings