Rates and Fees – School Year

Per Person Tuition Rates & Fees 2020-2021

Class Hours Per Week Tuition Per Month Class Hours Per Week Tuition Per Month
30 m $48 4 hr $180
45 m $59 4.25 hr $185
1 hr $72 4.50 hr $190
1.25 hr $88 4.75 hr $195
1.50 hr $103 5 hr $205
1.75 hr $118 5.25 hr $215
2 hr $128 5.50 hr $220
2.25 hr $133 5.75 hr $225
2.50 hr $143 6 hr $230
2.75 hr $148 6.25 hr $235
3 hr $153 6.50 hr $240
3.25 hr $155 6.75 hr $245
3.50 hr $165 Junior Unlimited $257
3.75 hr $170 Senior Unlimited $282

Early-Bird Discount: Register by Aug 1, 2020 and pay no registration fee plus get a 5% discount on costumes for June 2021 show.

Registration Fee:
$25 per family
$15 returning family

Private Lessons: $1.15 per minute

Drop-in Fee: $3 above class per hour rate.

Returned Check Fee: $30

Late Payment Fee: $15

Heartbeat Student Parent Discount: Parents of students at Heartbeat can take any amount of classes at 50% discount. Academy student parents can take one class free and all others at 50% discount. Take advantage of this benefit and enjoy!

What if a student in the summer audition period won’t know company placement results before the early-bird discount ends? Results for company auditions won’t be known until the end of each summer session in August. To take advantage of the discount, auditioning students should, therefore, go ahead and register for required classes specific to the companies for which they are auditioning. If a student is not placed in the desired company for the Sept.-June session, a recommendation will be made for classes to switch to as a plan of action to help the student in future auditions.

Refunds & Class Drop-Out: Registration fee and first month’s tuition are not refundable for any reason. Full refunds are given only for class cancellation by Heartbeat due to insufficient enrollment, or for illness or injury supported by a doctor’s notice. A student dropping all classes at Heartbeat after the first month must submit a 30-day written notice in order to be taken off the billing cycle. Tuition will still be due during the 30-day drop-out period.

What Defines a Class? All classes, whether taught onsite or virtually, are considered classes for which tuition is due. Both methods deliver training and the expertise of professionals in the performing arts.