Communication, Safety & Class Observation


Important announcements, reminders and newsletters are sent out via email so it is very important that students keep Heartbeat updated on any changes to their email addresses and to set up their email to accept Heartbeat’s communication. When applicable, notices will also be posted on Heartbeat’s website: and on the Heartbeat Performing Arts Center Facebook page. These notices include newsletters, special announcements such as class cancellation due to bad weather, show rehearsals, costume information, etc.

From time to time, information is disseminated by hard-copy directly to each student. Parents of young students should regularly check their child’s dance bag for these notices which may include costume order forms and new class schedules.


  • Bad weather class cancellation notices will appear on Heartbeat’s voicemail (952-432-7833) and Facebook page (Heartbeat Performing Arts Center) by 3:00pm the day of the weather emergency. If in doubt, students and teachers are asked to call Heartbeat to hear the recorded message before they attempt to travel to the studio. If a weather emergency happens after classes have started, students will call their parents for an early pick up.
  • Heartbeat’s student drop off and pick up policy requires parents or chaperones of younger students to walk their children into the building before class and meet them in Heartbeats lobby to walk them out to their cars after class. It is incredibly unsafe for young children to dart out of Heartbeat’s building into a parking lot full of cars. Parents are asked to make sure their children know this procedure.
  • Class behavior education requires that students practice the etiquette of being respectful to each other and to their teachers. Key to this is refraining from talking during class, turning off cell phones, no food or beverage brought into the classroom, arriving on time, wearing proper attire, and coming to class with a positive attitude ready to learn.

Heartbeat holds safety in the studio as a high priority. Students exhibiting disrespectful or unsafe behavior will be asked to sit down and observe the remainder of the class. In some cases, a meeting with the student and parent will be scheduled.

Class Observation

  • Class observation is allowed from the lobbies only. This is to create the most optimal learning environment for Heartbeat’s students. Parents and guests in lobby areas must keep talking low in volume and not bring in food or beverage other than water.
  • Heartbeat provides a lunchroom/homework/study area for students who have breaks between their classes. The lunchroom is furnished with a microwave and small refrigerator for students and teachers to use.