Travel Study/Cultural Exchange Program

Heartbeat established travel study/cultural exchange programs with studios in Tokyo and Barcelona for educational and life-enriching benefits, and to share the joy of the performing arts world-wide. Since 2005, students and teachers from Yukiko Misumi’s studio, ARTN, and Guillem Alonso’s studio, Escola Luthier de Musica i Dansa, have traveled to Heartbeat to study, perform and make friends. In return, Heartbeat’s students and teachers have made reciprocal visits to these studios. The manifestation has been incredible performance collaborations and underscoring of the important ‘universal language’ nature of the performing arts.

Program Fundamentals

  • Students and teachers finance overseas flight travel costs on their own.
  • Once at the host studio, students and teachers either stay in a hotel of their choosing or with a host family from the host studio.
  • Students and teachers take classes at the host studio.
  • The host studio may plan special events such as a collaborative performance, dance jams, master classes with the visiting teachers, or a welcome meet-and-greet dinner.
  • Host families may provide ground transportation and meals to their overseas guests, or the guests may decide to take care of those travel expenses, especially if electing to stay in a hotel.

Heartbeat Teaches Master Classes in Barcelona, Spain