Academy Program

The Heartbeat Academy Program is designed for advance level dance, singing and acting students interested in serious and focused study of the performing arts. The junior academy program is for students ages eight to thirteen and the senior academy program for ages thirteen to eighteen. During Heartbeat’s summer session, each academy student must audition into at least two of the following advance level/company classes: Ballet, jazz, modern, tap, hip hop, break dance, acting, or Heart & Soul Choir. These companies become his/her academy majors or primary focus during the September-June session.

In addition to the main academy program, senior academy students are enrolled in the pedagogy program where they learn the art of teaching children by assisting Heartbeat’s instructors in performing arts disciplines specific to the academy student’s majors.

During the course of the year, the junior and senior academy students’ foremost project is to present a self-produced show that is directed, choreographed and written by the students and follows their unique vision. The academy program is created to follow a college level curriculum. Academy students will be considered focused and serious about their studies in the performing arts, thus their teachers will expect more from them in class. A number of the Heartbeat Academy Program alumni have pursued college careers in the performing arts resulting in successful scholarship awards and professional careers in dance, acting, singing and theater management.

Heartbeat Academy Program Curriculum Highlights:

  • Develop technical and physical strength.
  • Build confidence and virtuosity in performance.
  • Create opportunities to develop creative voice.
  • Build business skills in marketing and promotion for creative fields.
  • Learn choreographic processes for solos, duets, trios and large group pieces as well as collaboration with others.
  • Learn to teach children through the academy’s pedagogy program.
  • Create an open dialog regarding style and perspective as young developing artists.
  • Develop an eye and verbalization for critique.
  • Gain new skills from master classes and workshops.
  • Prepare for performing opportunities that may be available to students who are ready technically and emotionally.
  • Prepare students for college or professional performing and teaching careers.

Time Commitment and Tuition:

When enrolling for the September to June session, all academy members must follow the class requirements for the specific companies they have auditioned into plus the junior or senior academy class. Senior academy students must also add their pedagogy assisting class which will be scheduled by Kristin Freya, Academy Director. Academy students must attend all classes, rehearsals and performances. Tuition for the junior or senior academy program is the unlimited class pass fee.


Each June, junior and senior academy students vote for awards for, Dancer of the Year, Choreographer of the Year, Actor of the Year, Writer of the Year, and Singer of the Year. In addition, Heartbeat’s instructors select junior and senior academy students as the, “Academy Highlights,” to be featured in upcoming musical productions. All students graduating from the senior program receive an official letter of recommendation from Ms. Freya for college applications.

How to Apply:

During Heartbeat’s summer session, complete and submit a Heartbeat Academy Program Application form to Ms. Freya. This signifies that in addition to auditioning for at least two companies, the student wishes to be considered for the academy program. Please also note that due to conflicts of interest, over-lapping performance and rehearsal schedules, and in fairness to dedicated students to the academy ‘team;’ dancers, actors and singers who are selected to become an academy member cannot be enrolled in classes at another studio from September to June.