Ahriana Lovely Huyaban

Ahriana Lovely Huyaban, born in the Philippines, holds a degree of Bachelor of Science in Tourism. She has studied Hawaiian and hip hop since the age of four. During High school, Ahriana studied cultural dances and theatre for 3yrs. She received the awards of, “Most Outstanding Dancer,” and, “Best Actress,” of the year 2011. In college, Ahriana was a member of, “Sari-Saot Dance Troupe,” at Central Philippine University. She was honored to represent her school in various dance competitions such as Latin and Modern Ballroom. After college, Ahriana didn’t pursue her chosen career because she knew deep inside her heart that she had a calling as a dance teacher. With a passion for dancing, teaching and inspiring others, Ahriana opened her own dance school, “Danse De La Vie,” meaning “Dance for life.” She offered ballet, Hawaiian, Tahitian and hip hop classes. Ahriana taught elementary to adult age groups and continued running her studio until moving to the US.